New works.

  What this series of diagrams, or maps, represent is a perceived movement toward a coherent, integrated planetary paradigm. The thought experiment driving the evolution and development of this diagram over … Continue reading

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Initiation: Calling All Serving Shamans to Anchor the promise of a worthwhile future for all beings on this planet. It is time to jump in, to get centred and grounded. … Continue reading

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Invocation of Now

On behalf of all present, and all beings travelling aboard this planet: I INVOKE THE SPIRIT OF THE ETERNAL NOW. O – Great Spirit Nurturer and sustainer of life Inspire … Continue reading

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Permaculture Design Course

FREE permaculture design course offering students an invaluable set of knowledge and skills, vital for all 21st century revolutionary activists. Please get involved!

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Specific Inquiry.

This post is a set of stubs for further inquiry development of the theme; Intentionally questioning and analysing meta-narratives, such as: Is it more acceptable in “change maker” circles to … Continue reading

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General Inquiry.

I often find it useful to imagine that our planet is a living being, with a level of sentience and capacity for self-expression that is difficult for us to see … Continue reading

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How can I help you?

I am a multi-talented, network enhanced, co-creative peer mentor who enjoys the process of empowering others toward manifesting their dreams. I dream of a future where all beings are thriving … Continue reading

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Integral SoA


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Endless Expressions

Fractured Worlds

Fractured Worlds

 Fractured World Series. This series of images is exploring the binary pair; living planet v’s human creativity. The theme of these works revolves around concern with the effects of planetary resource extraction and consumption, for production of industrial and technological developments, and the increasingly dramatic impacts this is having on the ecosystems upon which life […]

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

“Where Am I?” In creating this series of digital images, I have mostly compiled photographs that I captured in camera specifically for the task. I also found a high resolution image of a binary code tunnel on a free desktop wallpaper download site which I have used as texture to add a surreal dimension to […]


        Playing with the relationship between the world of our experience, and all the virtual worlds we now can choose to inhabit as well. How long before we can choose to inhabit a replica world INSTEAD of the one we are currently in? Are these duplicates able to exist without this world […]

Blending Flow and Form

Blending Flow and Form

Alchemical Art

Alchemical Art

Phase one of the combining of elements.  Artist’s impression of the alchemist’s work.

Endless Beginnings

Meta-systemic musings.

In conversation with a number of futurists and theorists about what we need to DO, I had this concise revelation, putting it here for future reference: While I understand the argument for considering [metaphorical anthropomorphic meta-perspective] an ego-like relationship between power structures and populations, I disagree that this perspective gives more insight that taking account of “people […]

How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change

Great analysis and suggestions about what we can do better – what we can do instead, and how we can get from here to there. How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change.

Sanity option – Hope for the future.

James Greyson outlines a set of implementable strategies by which the human species may rescue the future and experience viable quality of life for all on earth. The conclusion to his introduction states: “The flood of problems, locally, regionally and globally, already exceeds the capacity of researchers, policy-makers and the wider society to cope. The strategy of […]

Earth Alive

Seriously inspired by this: Thank you NASA

Visual Communication

New ways are emerging to communicate with each other through complex visual language, this start-up of a friend of mine has the potential to be a powerful tool for us to convey complex ideas across cultural narratives. Seeking backers.

Cyber Shaman

From cradle to cradle

From cradle to cradle

Recently I was called by spirit to attend to winter solstice ceremony in South Africa. The ceremony was held at an ancient initiation site, with standing stones – which according to the most recent map – is now permanently closed – go figure!   In preparation for the ceremony I took the Tibetan crystal I […]

Sacred Service

Sacred Service

The site marker on this image represents country that is at the time of writing, under both Native Title, and petroleum exploration permit. Elders of the Murri Bama (original peoples) have requested assistance in protecting this land, and the aquifers, watershed, and river systems involved from the threat of contamination that the possibility of this […]

How To

How To

Cyber-Shaman 101 – How to Lock the Gate. This is the first film I have ever produced, I intend to begin a series of simple how to’s over the course of time.

Entering the Shaman’s Realm

Entering the Shaman’s Realm

The realm of a practising undercover shaman is likely to begin with what looks like impassable obstacles – however – remain undeterred, there is a reason for moving through these things, you, and I, are meant to go there, we have been called and we are responding. We take our hearts wide open, along the paths […]

Initiating Proposal

Initiating Proposal

From setting an intention, to formalising a process, to initiating a project – such are the steps on the path for an undercover shaman in cyberspace. PDF of full project proposal. Initiating Proposal pdf Initiation: Calling All Serving Shamans to Anchor the promise of a worthwhile future for all beings on this planet. It is time […]


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