New works.

  What this series of diagrams, or maps, represent is a perceived movement toward a coherent, integrated planetary paradigm. The thought experiment driving the evolution and development of this diagram over … Continue reading

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Initiation: Calling All Serving Shamans to Anchor the promise of a worthwhile future for all beings on this planet. It is time to jump in, to get centred and grounded. … Continue reading

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Invocation of Now

On behalf of all present, and all beings travelling aboard this planet: I INVOKE THE SPIRIT OF THE ETERNAL NOW. O – Great Spirit Nurturer and sustainer of life Inspire … Continue reading

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Permaculture Design Course

FREE permaculture design course offering students an invaluable set of knowledge and skills, vital for all 21st century revolutionary activists. Please get involved!

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Specific Inquiry.

This post is a set of stubs for further inquiry development of the theme; Intentionally questioning and analysing meta-narratives, such as: Is it more acceptable in “change maker” circles to … Continue reading

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General Inquiry.

I often find it useful to imagine that our planet is a living being, with a level of sentience and capacity for self-expression that is difficult for us to see … Continue reading

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How can I help you?

I am a multi-talented, network enhanced, co-creative peer mentor who enjoys the process of empowering others toward manifesting their dreams. I dream of a future where all beings are thriving … Continue reading

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Integral SoA


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Endless Beginnings

Fractured Worlds

Graphic commentary on the human-planet interface as analysed through the cognitive lens of meta-perspective.

Meta-systemic musings.

In conversation with a number of futurists and theorists about what we need to DO, I had this concise revelation, putting it here for future reference: While I understand the argument for considering [metaphorical anthropomorphic meta-perspective] an ego-like relationship between power structures and populations, I disagree that this perspective gives more insight that taking account of “people […]

How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change

Great analysis and suggestions about what we can do better – what we can do instead, and how we can get from here to there. How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change.

Sanity option – Hope for the future.

James Greyson outlines a set of implementable strategies by which the human species may rescue the future and experience viable quality of life for all on earth. The conclusion to his introduction states: “The flood of problems, locally, regionally and globally, already exceeds the capacity of researchers, policy-makers and the wider society to cope. The strategy of […]

Earth Alive

Seriously inspired by this: Thank you NASA


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